Haybuster 1150 & 1155 Commercial Tub Grinder

  • The Truck Mounted Big Bite 1150 is easy to transport between jobs and is easy to maneuver into tight spots. Because the unit is mounted over the trucks rear axles, there is traction to get through the sloppiest farm and hay yards.Haybuster 1150 & 1155
  • The exclusive, innovative self-cleaning rotary screen protects the radiator and engine air intake from chaff and fines. That means no more plugged radiators so...less down time.
  • The KPT Fluid coupler transmits power with up to 98% efficiency and eliminates the mechanical clutch. It's goof proof, can engage or disengage at full engine rpm without damage and requires minimal maintenance.
  • The 30 inch x 26 ft. discharge conveyor piles hay over 18 feet high. The conveyor can articulate left to right up to 50 degrees which means you can not only make the pile big, you can make it wide too.

WHY A BIG BITE Tub Grinder?

Haybuster has been a part of hard working tub grinders since the late 1960's. Farmers and Ranchers have come to depend on our durability and performance.

We know that cutting edge technology, high efficiency, and getting the most value for every dollar you spend are enormous factors when you purchase farm equipment. That's why we put all of those and more into the Big Bite 1150 & 1155. The Haybuster Big Bite makes commercial hay grinding easy and profitable.

Here are some of the benefits that make the Big Bite 1150 & 1155 Tub Grinder the "standard setter" in commercial tub grinders.

  1. The enclosed engine compartment and rotary screen protects the engine from dirt and debris buildup. A covered engine also reduces the noise level. AND the 1150-1155 gives you easy access to the engine with a 3-door entry on both sides, plus a front door to the radiator.Haybuster 1150 & 1155
  2. Powered by a 463 hp or 525 hp C-15 Caterpillar engine, the state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection system decreases fule consumption, producing ground hay at a rate that will make you money on every job. It's strong enough to chew through those tough, wet bales AND you get all the features you've come to expect from Caterpillar like reliability, cold weather starting, unsurpassed product supHaybuster 1150 & 1155port, and proven resale value.
  3. A central command console is conveniently located and controls all the functions of the machine. An optional remote control is available to keep you out of the dust! It controls the tub rotation, conveyor lift, conveyor articulation, and engine stop.
  4. The 11 ft wide x 50 inch deep tilt tub opens a full 90 degrees for access to the hammermill and screens as well as for normal servicing.
  5. The Big Bite hammermill is located at the rear of the sub frame, reducing the length of the belly conveyoHaybuster 1150 & 1155r, improving the belly conveyor service accessibility, and moving the dust further away from you. The hammermill is also dynamically balanced to give you smoother operation, longer life, and less maintenance.
  6. The electronic governor keeps the engine RPMs constant resulting in increased effeciencies and constant load.

To download a complete brochure of the 1150 & 1155 Commercial Tub Grinder, click here.